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Frequently Asked Questions

We started Central Sands Water Ski Club because we were tired of fighting for good water and looking for a course to ski. The lake is over 2000 feet long and 300 feet wide with offset turnaround islands at each end. The lake is 7-9 feet deep with a sandy bottom. There are no weeds to fight with and the water is clean and clear.

Welcome to Central Sands Waterski Club. What can we help you find?

General Questions

What kind of skiing is available at CSWSC?
CSWSC has a competition-level slalom course for the skilled skiers that want to practice or improve their slalom skiing skills. There is also a beginner’s course where the buoys are 10 feet in from the competition buoys. This is a great course to ski if you are interested in trying course skiing or are a free skier making the transition. You are always welcome to free ski if that is your thing, we are just happy to see people skiing. If trick skiing is your sport, we have plenty of room to pull trick skiers up and down the lake. We do not have a ski jump at this time.
Do you offer ski lessons?
Currently, we offer beginners lessons but do not offer advanced lessons. If you have never skied before or want to try a course for the first time, we can help. For the advanced skiers, we are happy to video the run or your guest can video your run so you can evaluate your form.
Can my friends/spouse ride in the boat to watch?
We want to provide the best possible conditions for the skier, so we allow the driver and one passenger. For any other guests, CSWSC has a beautiful pier where you can watch the skiers and enjoy the beautiful landscape.
Will other skiers be using the lake?

If you rent the lake for a set, an hour, half day or day, you and your guests will be the only skiers. 

Do you rent ski equipment?
We have a set of trick skis, a set of combos and a couple slalom skis that guests are welcome to use. Currently, we don’t have demos for advanced skiers.
I have my own equipment, what do I need to bring?
Bring your ski, bindings, vest, gloves and if you have a favorite handle (or you can use our Radar handle) and a towel.
Can we bring our dog?
We love dogs but, sorry, no pets are allowed.
What is the lake like?
The lake is a man-made lake approximately 2010’ long and 300’ wide with offset turnaround islands at either end. The lake is about 9 feet deep in the middle with a sandy bottom and no weeds.
Do I need to have experience skiing a course to come to Central Sands?

Absolutely, not.  We encourage skiers to try the course.  We have intermediate (green) buoys for those new to the course.  Even if it is your first time, you can have fun, just like the advanced skiers going after the intermediate buoys (see video above).

Onsite Accommodations

  • Sandy clean beach to sit and view the skiers catch some sun and enjoy the scenery.
  • Large pier with chairs to watch the skiers, catch some sun and enjoy the scenery.
  • Bathrooms for the skier and their guests
  • Showers for skiers (you will want to bring your own shower supplies)

Ski Reservations & Logistics

Please check availability and pay online prior to your time on the water.  If there is inclement weather that prevents you from skiing, we can move the reservation or refund your money.  Don’t see what you are looking for online, email Brian at brian@cswaterskiclub.com.

Do I need to be a member to ski at Central Sands?

No, we don’t have a formal membership. We want to provide the facility to anyone that wants to ski, whether once a summer or a couple of times per week.

Do I have to sign an insurance waiver?

Yes! No signed waiver means no skiing, no exceptions.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours for those that booked a set or 1-hour slot and receive a full refund.  For those that booked a 1/2 day or a full day. we ask for 48 hour notice to cancel and receive your deposit back.  Since no one can control the weather, if there is inclement weather, we can look to rebook for a nicer day.